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Nel Noddings


Nel Noddings is an American feminist, educationalist, and philosopher best known for her work in philosophy of education, educational theory, and ethics of care.She was born January 19, 1929. She received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physical science from Montclair State College, a masters degree in mathematics from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. in education from Stanford, teaching elementary and high school mathematics for 17 years before earning her Ph.D. She earned numerous awards including three Awards for Teaching Excellence from Stanford, a Medal for Distinguished Service from Teachers College, Columbia University, and the American Educational Research Association Lifetime Achievement Award.


1929-Born1977-Became member of the Stanford faculty1981- Stanford award for teaching excellence1982-Stanford award for teaching excellence1992-1998- Jacks Professor of Child Education1997-Stanford award for teaching excellence1998-Retired2002-2003- John W. Porter Chair in Urban Education at Eastern Michigan University.

Nel Noddings is a well-known advocate of Progressivism. She believes that care is best shown by teachers when the curriculum is centered on the interests of students. Schools are challenged to nourish the physical, spiritual, occupational, and intellectual development of each child. She is also a past president of the National Academy of Education, the Philosophy of Education Society, and the John Dewey Society. She has authored seventeen books and written more than 200 articles and book chapters on various topics. Her work thus far has been translated into 12 languages.

Lasting Impact

Advocate of Progressivismand has won many awards for her teaching techniques and writings.


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