Neil's penguin

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Neil's penguin

Comon name: Humbolt Penguin Kingdom: Aimalia Phylum: Chordata Class: AvesOrder: SpheniscidaeFasmily: Spheniscidae Genus Species: Spheniscus humbodti


Description: Like other temperate penguins, Humboldt penguin have bare patches of skin around their eyes and at the base of the bill. they also lack feathers on their legs. Thei heve one black stripe across the base of their chest.

sitze: 56 to 66 cm(22-26 in)weight: 4kg(9lb)diet: anchovetta(small fish)incub attion: 40 to 42 dayssexual maturity:2 to7years oldlife span: 15 to 20 yearsRange: Islands off western South America, and along the coasts Peru and CHile

habitat: Burrom and create nesting sites guano deposits on islands or along rocky shores.

Humboldt penguins were named for the German scientist, Alexander Von Humboldt, who exblored Cuba, Mexico, and South America in 1799.Humboldt peenguins burrow and create nesting sites in guano(fecal) deposits.

The most Humold peguin are lifing in the wild.Humolt pinguin a in zoos or aquariums .


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