Neils Bohr

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Neils Bohr

Neils Bohr

Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7 October 1885. Bohr was the son of Christian Bohr, who was a professor of physiology, and Ellen Alder Bohr. Bohr had to siblings, Jenny and Harald.

About Bohr

Bohr's Education

Bohr attended the Universtity of Copenhagen and receiveed his doctorate by the year 1911. After Bohr graduated college he preformed expermients under the guidance Professor J. J. Thomson at the Trinity College, Cambridge as a post doctorate student.

Niels bohr had researched many things, but he is most famous for his work in quantum mechanics and the structure of atoms. Bohr even recieved the nobel prize in physics for his contribution to the research of the structure of the atom and the radiation they give off. Bohr had also made an institiute for theoretical physics.

Bohr's Research

Bohr's idea of quantum jump in the model of his atom has changed both the science world and society. It has brought everything from bombs to medical equipment and even the technology used in cell phones and computers.

Bohr's Impact on Science

Bohr in his early years

Bohr model of hydrogen

Niels Bohr Institiute

Bust of Niels Bohr at the Universtiy of Copenhagen

Older Bohr

Bohr recieving Nobel prize

Bohr Atom

Bohr Documentary


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