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Neil Gaiman

The Incredible...Neil Gaiman!

Did you konw?-Neil's first book, Duran, Duran, took only three months to write.- His book, Sandman, was a HUGE hit, and won many awards!-Gaiman won the UK's booktrust Prize for Teenage Fiction.-Gaiman also won the Newberry Award for The Graveyard Book.

Books by Neil Gaiman-Good Omens-The Graveyard Book-American Gods-Ocean at the End of The Lane-Fortunatly, The Milk

The one and only, Neil!

Neil Gaiman's personal lifeNeil Gaiman (Although originaly from the UK) lives in Minnesota, and writes incredible books! He has won many awards in his lifetime (see: Did You know?) and has a very different and unique writing style. He's kind of like the Wes Anderson of writing! Neil has three loving children at home, and although he has been in a divorce, he is happily married now.

A fantastic book!

This book mad me thirsty. (For Milk!)

Crowley The Demon (Good Omens)

Star Dust

Good Omes


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