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Neil Daimond

Neil Diamond

Born: January 24, 1941Still alive Lives: Brooklyn, New YorkPlays: vocals and guitarHall of fame: 2011

Billboard announced that legendary singer/songwriter Neil Diamond received the prestigious Legend of Live Award at the 2012 Billboard Touring Awards that will happen on Nov. 8 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York and got it because Neil Diamond is a Grammy Award-winning artist who has sold over 128 million records, is a member of both the Rock and Roll and Songwriters Halls of Fame, and is a recipient of the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the highest honors bestowed upon songwriters.

They were "discovered" with an encounter with the songwriting/record producing team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich led to a contract with Bang Records. In 1966

Diamond famously ran away from home at 13. He went to New York University on a fencing scholarship.Barbra Streisand went to the same high school together as well, and performed in the same chorus group.

Manager:Katie McNeilProducer: Rick RubinPresenter: tk

I chose him because his name Neil is The name of the street I live on and diamond's are amazing.

His plans for the future is to continue to make songs and keep going on tours.

Record Company:Bang Records, MCA Records, Capital records, Sony BMG, Columbia, Uni Records

Sweet Caroline 1969 Song Sung Blue 1972 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon 1967 I Am ... I Said 1971 Cherry, Cherry 1966


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