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Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

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He experience his first flight when he was age 5. he had a passion for flying that led him to earn a pilot license at age 16

On July 20, 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon, during the Apollo 11 mission.

Congressional space medal of honor (1978)Presidential Medal of freedom (1969)Congressional Gold Medal (2009)Collier trophy (1969)

Astronaut, Military pilot, Educator

At 1950, he became a fully qualified us naval aviator. At 1955 he received his bachelor of science degree

•At the age of 17 he became a naval air cadet while studying aerospace engineering at Purdue university

Aug 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, U.S.

In 1962, he joined the NASAastronaut corps.Then He dedicated himself to teach aerospace engineering from 1971 until 1979

He went to the Moon with Astronaut David Scoot, which was his partner/ command pilotNeil Amstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin landed together on the lunar surface.

They overshot their landing site and they were heading into a very rocky area, they were about to abort but they managed to land safely with 20 seconds of fuel left. Thats the samllest amount of fuel time left of any apollo missions.

They went to the moon using a lunar module attached aboard a Saturn V rocket during the Apollo 11 mission.

He passed away at the age of 82 due to fatal complications from coronary artery bypass surgery on August 25th 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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