Neil Armstrong man on the moon

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Neil Armstrong man on the moon

Neil Armstrong man on the moon 1960 By: Alec Hanson

Info on Neil ArmstrongHe commanded Apollo 11He was in a three man crewApollo launched in July 16, 1969the crew spent 2.5 hours on the moonThey returned home safely and no one was hurt or lost.

Alright Buzz I'm Going out.Misson control climbing down the ladder atlast step. Thats one small step for man onegiant leap for man kind. That was what I said as I step on the moon. My name is NeilArmstrong and Iam 36 years old and just landed on the moon. Without NASA I couldnot of done this. It was the summer of 1969.The hippie look was very popular. The beatleswere very popular. Gunsmoke was the mostpopular tv show in the 60's. When I came back from the moon my crew and I were very popular to the whole world.

The dateis July 16, 1969 and I'm going to the moon. Me and two other astronauts are heading up into space today to go to the moon and to walk and explore the moon. Thousands maybe even millions of American citizens will be watching us do this. Some important people you need to remeber are NASA, me, and the rest of my crew. I feel that this will be very big and huge if we do this because russia has been beating us to space in everything so I feel it is my duty to do this so please understand and be good.



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    i like the shuttle landing on the colosal moon LOL BRB TTYLXOX