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An entire room isseet aside fro nefertiti.The gaze of the sun queen goes through the rooms of the new museum right through to the south dome where was created around 1340BC.Now in bearlin's neus museum , shown to the right side.The bust is one of the most copied workson Acient Egypt. She was a queen who it is on a museum because she was very important to all her people and sheis ded right now .

Nefertiti museum

Nefertiti is a Egyptian queen,a very power full woman and a great royal wife. she wasborn on thebes,Egypt. She had six childrens.She died at 1331 BC and one sibling.She ruled the new kingdom outright fter her husband dead. Her regin was a time of tremedous cultural upheava as akhenaten reorirntedegypts religious and political structure the worship of the sun god Aten.

about Nefertiti

Nefertiti was a very goog queen and wife and a very important woman. Her and her husband were known for religious, which they worshiped only one god.

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