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Rise to PowerNefertari wasn't born in royalty. She got married into royalty and the pharaoh she had married was Ramses the II.

Additional InfoRamses the II built a tomb for Nefertari to show his love for her.They also temples built for the two of them not only for love but for the pharaoh's power. Nefertari means most beautiful.

Leadership StyleNefertari was a very laid back Queen. She didn't order for anything. On the other hand her husband Ramses the II was the one that wanted everything.,

Major AccomplishmentsNefertari didn't really do much . The only major thing is that she had succeeded as the first chief wife. Chief Wife- King's Great Wife

All About Nefertari

Monuments and BuildingsRamses the II built temples for Nefertari to show his love for her but since he is so full of himself his temples had to be bigger than hers.

Battles and conquestsNefertari's husband Ramses II mounted military excursions and repelled Nubia. Ramses II brought his military forces to go fight and win v.s the Hittites at the battle of Kadesh.

Family LifeNefertari was married to Ramses the II and had a child named Amenhirwenemef. He was the first ever child that that Nefertari and Ramses the II had together.

Unusual TraitsNefertari''s eyes were kind of squinted but she sort of looked pretty. She also had an egyptian outfit with a crown that had a snake in front of it.

By: Blaise Vallorosi


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