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Ned Kelly

To me, Ned Kelly is a national hero. Clearly, he made some mistakes, broke the law and even killed people...but this is probably why many Australians find him 'heroic'. He did all these things to stand up for his family, to fight against persecution and against the odds. In this sense, he became a 'little Aussie battler' fighting the police, even though he knew he would eventually lose. His famous last words: 'Such is life' summarise this stoic attitude.Add to this his famous last stand at Glenrowan with battle armour and helmet and we have an epic, 'heroic' end to the tale to be forever remembered as 'fair dinkum' Australian!

Convict Heritage

1854?-Born1870- Arrested for assault1878- Shoots police officer for hurting sister Kate1878 (October): shoot out at Stringy Bark Creek1880: Last Stand at Glenrown Hotel1880 (November)- Kelly hanged...such is life

Many convicts on the 'first fleet' were not petty criminals, but were sentenced to life in the penal colony of N.S.W as 'political' prisoners. There were many Irish who brought their songs of rebellion and freedom to Australia with them. The first 'Australian' songs from non-Indigenous people such as 'Jim Jones at Botany Bay' and 'Moreton Bay' were angry, bitter songs of despair and revenge. The English authorities stood for law and order, but also oppression and violence.


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'Jim Jones at Botany Bay'

You are a disgrace to the English nation!

This 1906 film about Ned Kelly is now recognized as the first feature length film in history!

Hello, I am a seagull. I love the beach and I am Australian. So, don't be a sheep (they were imported) be a seagull and defy authority!