[2014] Joshua Milliner (Year 10 history): Ned Kelly

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[2014] Joshua Milliner (Year 10 history): Ned Kelly

Edward 'Ned' Kelly

Kelly's father, John 'Red' Kelly was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1820 and sentenced in 1841 to seven years imprisonment for stealing two pigs. He arrived in Van Diemen's Land, now known as Tasmania, in 1842. When his sentence expired in 1848 he went to the Port Phillip District, where on 18 November 1850 he married Ellen, the eighteen-year-old daughter of James and Mary Quinn; they had five daughters and three sons.

Ned attended school in Avenel until his father died on 27th of December 1866. In 1869 Ned was arrested for alleged assault on a Chinaman and held for ten days on remand but the charge was dismissed. Next year he was arrested and held in custody for seven weeks as a suspected associate of the bushranger, Harry Power, but again the charge was dismissed.

In 1870 Kelly was convicted of many offences and imprisoned for six months. Soon after release he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for receiving a mare knowing it had been stolen. In 1874 he was released from prison. Kelly worked for two years at timber-getting but in 1876 joined his stepfather in stealing horses.


The bushranger Ned Kelly is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. His legacy lives on through paintings, books, songs and films. More books, songs and websites have been written about Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang than any other group of Australian historical figures.

Kelly's Legacy

Birth & Death

Edward Kelly was born in June 1855 at Beveridge, Victoria, Australia the eldest son of John 'Red' Kelly and his wife Ellen née Quinn. Kelly was executed on the 11 of November 1880 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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