[2015] Nick Nathan: Ned Kelly

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[2015] Nick Nathan: Ned Kelly


Ned Kelly wasArrested in 1870 for associating with bushranger Harry Power, Ned was eventually convicted of stealing horses and imprisoned for three years. After being indicted for the attempted murder of a police officer at his family's home in 1878, Kelly fled; after he, his brother, and two associates fatally shot three policemen

Edward "Ned" Kelly was an Australian bushranger of Irish descent. He was born in the British colony of Victoria as the third of eight children to an Irish convict from County Tipperary and an Australian mother with Irish parentage. Born: Beveridge, AustraliaDied: November 11, 1880, Melbourne, AustraliaFull name: Edward KellyBuried: January 20, 2013, Greta Cemetery, Greta, AustraliaSiblings: Dan Kelly, Kate Kelly, Margaret Kelly Skillion, Parents: John Kelly, Ellen Quinn Kelly

When Kelly's attempt to derail and ambush a police train failed, he and his gang engaged in a final violent confrontation with the Victoria Police at Glenrowan on 28 June 1880. Kelly, dressed in homemade metal armour and a helmet, was wounded in the arms and legs by police fire and captured. He was convicted of three counts of willful murder and sentenced to death by hanging. His sentence was carried out at Old Melbourne Gaol in November 1880.

Ned Kelly's capture[click the picture of him]


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