Ned Kelly

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Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly my opinion is a hero!! Yes he killed police officers, yes he robbed banks and went to jail 3 times at the age of 16, but people forget the attitude of the people back then. Constable Fitzpatrick (a police officer) had sexually assulted Ned kelly sister but the mother shot Constable Patrick in the arm. He then went and told a lie saying Ned Kelly and his mother ambushed him and shoot him in the arm. HOW CORRUPT!! When kids were starving and stole bread to get something to eat the govner would kill them. Ned did kill police officers as an act of defence. Ned Kelly wasn't always bad, he saved an 11 year old boy from drowning and fought police officers that liked to hurt people for the fun of it. When a police offiers were chasing after Ned Kelly, he made his own armour and stole money to give to his starving family. I defferently think Ned Kelly is a hero.


On the 29th of April 1770 Captain James Cook had discovered land at Kurnell. Captain Cook named this palce Stingray Bay, but Daniel Solander, Captain Cooks assitant, gathered so many plants to study that Cook renamed the place Botany Bay. Botany Bay (now Sydney) was where they placed prisioners, murders, etc. The first convicts to set foot in Botany Bay was in January 1788 with 759 convicts. The convicts that were in Botany Bay were tortured and hurt so harshly that they preferred to hang themselves than to stay in or enter Botany Bay.

Born - 1854 Age 16- Jail 3 years1876- the assult of Ned's sister 1878- Attack of GlenRowan Diner Death - 11th November 1880

Ned Kelly

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