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Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa,Italybetween August 20 to October 31 1451.

Columbus married with a lady named Felipa Perestrella e Moniz.Columbus first voyages is at 1492, his second voyages is at 1493,his third voyages is at 1498,and f0urth at 1502.

Columbus first voyages is a sucessful.It became more and more worse at the second,third and fourth voyages.

Columbus died at Valladolid,Spain,May 20 1506



Lasting Impact

When Christopher Columbus found the new world, people heard about it so they start to go the new world and made thing change more.It started when Chistpher Columbus explored.


Birth & Death

Christopher Colunbus was born in Genoa,Italy,between August 20 to October 31 1451.Christopher Columbus died at Valladolid,Spain,May 20 1506.

Christopher Columbus accomplishment is that he found the new world which is North America and South America.


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