Neandrathal Man

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Neandrathal Man

1. The first evidence of Neanderthals was discovered in 1856. Miners in Germany’s Neander Valley found fossils thought to belong to a cave bear. A local natural historian begged to differ. He reckoned the strange bones were the remains of a lost Cossack suffering from rickets. 2. If you want to know how much Neanderthal DNA you carry, just swab your cheek and send it to the National Geographic Society’s Geographic Project. 3. Neanderthals (or Neanderthal’s) are our closest extinct human relatives.


NEANDRATH MANEXSISTANCE they Lived during the ice age about 50000 years ago when large parts of the world were ice.These people were short and stocky with large musclesNeanderthals might have cooked food on flat stones. First they lit a fire on the stones to heat them. When they were hot the fire was swept away and the meat was thrown onto the hot stones. The heat from stones slowly roasted the meat. This made it tender and easier to chow. Their life was very hard and dangerous.Neanderthal man were similar to modern homo sapiens. They both are a hunter-gatherer civilization, lived in cold and snowy weather. Neanderthal people lived in caves or built huts from branches covered with animal skins. Sometimes they built huts inside the damp cold caves. These people hunted animals such as woolly mammoths with wooden spears. They ate its meat and used its skin and thick shaggy hair to keep themselves warm. To make cloths from animal skins they first have to remove the fat from inside the skin they pegged the skin taut on the ground and cleaned it with a stone scraper. They may have dried the skins in smoke from the fire to keep them soft and leathery. Then they pierced holes in the edge of skin with a pointed stone borer. neandrathals lived in the paleothic age.




NEANDRATHALMAN PHYSICALFEATURESNeanderthals looked much like modern humans only shorter, more heavily built and much stronger, particularly in the arms and hands. Their skulls show that they had no chin and their foreheads sloped backwards. And there teeth are large the brain case was lower but longer housing a slightly larger brain than that of modern humans

STONE TOOLSNeanderthal’s were skill full at making tools. Their hand axes were smaller and easier to manage than those of earlier people such as Homo erectus. They made stone scrapers for cleaning the fat from animal skins and borers for making holes. The scraper had a round edge for scraping and a straight edge to hold.

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