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Lasting Impact

His beautiful inspiring art.




J.C.Wyeth or Newell Convers Wyeth was born on October 22 1882 and died on October 19th 1945. He's known as american artist/illustrator and became one of America's greatest illustrators. over his lifetime he had created over 3000 paintings! He had illustrated for many well known books aswell, like "Treasure Island". Illustrated 112 books, 25 of them for scribners. Wyeth was born in Needham, Massachusetts. His ancestors went into that area in 1645 from England. He is the eldest of four brothers, and they went hunting a lot, which some of hispaintings were inspired from. he water coloured since he was 12 and his mother encouraged him to persue his skill.

WYETH had attended Mechanics Art School to learn drafting than moved on to other schools to learn the art of illustrations. His talent made him an outstanding student. He had then joined Howard Pyles school of arts which made an impact on his life. On Febuary 21 1403 his first commision as an ilustrator happened for the cover of "Saturday Evening Posts". He commisoned a western story. He moved down to the Western Colorado and worked. He Visited around Arizona and gained the understanding of Native Americans Culture and developed a passion for illustarting about them...

A Bit About...

In 1911 h had moved on from the Western topic and started to illustrating Classic Litarature. Like i said, he painted for books. In 1914 he started to experiment new artistic ways, he painted portaits of known artists of their own. All of his new experimenting and time painting, came to the point where large paintings was completed around just 3 hours. Tragically he died with his grandson in a railway accident near his home.

His first trip around locations in the U.S. inspired the illsustrations of cowboys and indians, a theme of the "old west". The art of the natives showed a smpthay and harmony with their enviroment, gave the vibe a peaceful grace, ended to be well known of those paintings. In 1908 he mariied Carolyn Bockius and raised a family in Chadds Ford. His goal was to make enough money from his paintings and buy one he admmirred., but family and income grew and that dream was no longer. His Children was Andrew, Henriette, Carolyn, Anne, and Nthaniel Wyeth. All of hs children were successful and in the arts bussiness but Nathaniel became an engineer.

I believe that N.C.Wyeth`s art is just speaking for its sef. The colours that are used with the warm and cold colours really repersent the illustration he has created. It captures the viewers attention. It has a sort of peacfulness to the natives-a cool relaxing touch- and 'old west' vibe. When it comes to the others shows a type of disruption kind of shown in the video.


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