NC School-Based CFST

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NC School-Based CFST

Purpose:identify and coordinate appropriate community services and supportsfor children at risk of school failure or out-of-home placement in order to address the physical, social, legal, emotional, and developmental factors that affect academic performance

Social Worker + School Nurse Teams

One Child, One Team, One Plan

Wraparound Approach

School-Based Child & Family Support Teams

• Referrals – the total number of students referred or identified as being at-risk, the needs of the students, and referred students demographic characteristics.• Child and Family Team Meetings – the number of CFT meetings, the attendees at the meetings, the students’ primary unmet needs, and the lead agency.• Home Visits – total number of home visits.• Service Plans – the strength-based interventions to which youth are being referred.• Follow-up – a measure of whether youth are receiving intended services and progressing toward their goals.• Case Closed – A means of understanding the positive and negative reasons for why youth and families stop participating in the program (e.g., the student has met his or her goals or no longer wishes to continue).

Parents = ExpertsParents = Partners

The intent of the CFST is to provide a way for at-risk students to receive needed services as quickly as possible so they may live in safe, stable and nurturing homes while being successful in school.

Primary Needs?Representatives?Interventions?Barriers?Cases Closed?OUTCOMES:Academic, Graduation & Dropout, Reading & Math

Process/Performance& Outcome Measures


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