Nazi Police State

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Nazi Police State

- The Nazi Police came into power January 1933- Hitler was unsettled by the lack of support so he created an army of alligance to enforce his law- They were controlled by Hienrich Himmler and the Gestapo-

Steps of Control1. Government (political) Hitler gave power to the Nazis so they had absolute control of national and local government.2. Religion (social)religion threatened the Nazis control over people's minds, reduction of churches powerCulture (social)3. Order of Nazification - imposition of Nazi values 4. Education and youth (working) young people controlled both in and out of school, urn them to Nazis.5. Terror (method of control)unsafe to do or say anything critical of the government.

Targets- Jews- People who joked about Hitler- Homosexuals- Bibleforschers- Anyone who may cross the word of Hitler


Nazi Police State

Quickly gained support from German police as they eliminated many frustrationsThey were allowed to arrest based on suspicion

Golden Rule:Never speak a word and no harm will come!


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