[2015] WilliamColvard: nazi medical experiments

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[2015] WilliamColvard: nazi medical experiments

Nazi medical experiments





In 1937 Josef Mengele started doing medical expirements on girls and boys in the concentraition camps. He was a high interest for the Nazi party to hire him to work for them.

Josef Mengele

He was a gynecoligist before he started to work for the nazi's as a resercher and scientist to figure out how to revive and prevent jewish children from being created.

Carl Clauberg

Dr mengele stared to do medical expiremnts to see how two children were born at once to make it so they can ne blonde hair and blue eyes to make the perfect race

expirements on twins

Nazi medical expirements


Where Nazi experiments were held•Poland•Italy•France•Czechoslovakia Between 1939 and 1945, at least seventy medical research projects involving cruel and lethal experiments on humans were conducted in Nazi concentration camps.Victims of these experiments included Jews Poles and Roma’s or otherwise known as gypsies.They were treated horribly and most died from these experiments.

Josef MengeleJosef Mengele was an SS physician who did inhumane medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners at Auschwitz. Josef was born on March 16th, 1911 in Gunznburg. He was the oldest son of Karl Mengele, a very prosperous of farming implements. Mengele earned a Ph.D. in physical anthropology from the University of Munich. He became an assistant of Dr. Otmar von Verschuer, a leading scientific figure widely known for his research on twins, at the institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene. In the year 1937, Josef joined the Nazi party and received his medical degree, and in 1940 he was drafted into the army.

Statistics of Nazi medical experiments During WW2 a number of German physicians conducted painful and often deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners. Scientists also carried out so called freezing experiments to find a cure for hypothermia. They also used prisoners to test various ways of making seawater potable. Some drugs that were experimented on were sulfa (sulfanilamide), phosgene, and “mustard” gas. How many people died during the holocaust? About 11-17 million people died during that period. Of those 17 million about 6 million were Jewish, up to 270,000 were children under 15.

Carl CaubarghSome of the experiments that the nazis used on prisoners were sun lamps,hotbath, frezzing and warming body heat. these are just some of the many experiments, the sun lamps were lamps that were placed on the prisoners and it was so hot it burned their skin. Victims were placed in the hot bath and this slowly increased their body temp and most victims died from shock.they also tried freazing men and tried to warm their bodies up by having relations.

summaryIn are book 'Someone named eva" by Joan M. Wolf this book is about a girl named Milada she lived in Czechoslovakia and she was taken from her home and brought to Poland to a Nazi camp to teach her to become a Nazi girl. But when the war was over she was adoted to a German familyOur topic " medical experiments " they are both trying to to stay alive in our book she i s trying to stay alive from the opposing side troops.in our topic the people are tring to stay alive from the wack jobs doing the medical expirements

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