Nazi book burning

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Nazi book burning

Nazi Book Burnings were known as “Action against the un-German spirit.” Adolf Hitler and his army began to target books in 1933. Nazi’s burned books as a ritual where books or other written materials were burned in a fire, and the Nazi book burning was one of the most famous. Books considered “un-German” were burned, such as Jewish or American literature. On April 6th, 1933 the main office of press and propaganda claimed a nationwide action against the un-German spirit with a message from Adolf Hitler saying, “The state has been conquered! But not yet universities! The intellectual paramilitaries are coming in”( Hitler, de.dw). On May 10, 1993, thousands of people gathered to watch what was considered a form of cultural cleansing. What most people do not know is that this major event was not conducted by Nazi soldiers. Most events were put together by the German student union. Books were brought from school libraries and homes of people who attended the school. The Nazi soldiers brought books that were confiscated from homes. The goal of the students was to ceremonially burn books. Over 25,000 volumes of books, novels and other literature were burned on May 10. This act was not just one of the students and the Nazi’s. German communities, towns and cities supported this fully. Thirty four university towns across Germany took charge against the un-German literature and spirit on this night. Seventy thousand people gathered at the Opernplatz, Berlin book burning. Another 40,000 people attended other rituals. As flames engulfed over 25,000 volumes of books, a speech was given by Herbert German, a Nazi student leader. Most people who did not support burning literature believed that books were burned as an act of fear. By 1934, more than 3,000 publications had been censored and authors who did not change their words were banned from publishing any of their work from Germany. Other than books, newspapers and magazines were all censored. Even rallies and public meetings were limited, and speeches were cautioned by Nazi soldiers. Book burning was a common event for colleges and schools on many occasions. Fantastic literature written by Erich Kastner, Ernst Hemmingway, Heinrich Mann, Helen Keller, Jack London and Ernst Glaser were all burned. Actions such as these are recognized around the world as barbaric. On May 10, in 1933, over 40,000 people gathered to see over 25,000 books burned.

Nazi Book Burningby Jillian Cianciotto

Nazi book burning in Berlin May 10, 1933. Several speeches were given at this event.

Nazi soldiers prided themselves on the book burnings. They thought that they were saving the intellectual minds of the country.

Libraries were burned by Nazi soldiers. Nazi's did this to warn the people of Germany about reading or owning 'un-German' novels or liturature.

"Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too." -Heinrich Heine

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The mistry of Nazi propoganda published several papers about nazi book burnings. Hitler made sure that people were aware of the action against the 'un-German' spirit.

The German salute was given to show the acts against the 'un-German' spirit. Hundreds of people showed up to these massive bonfires.


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