Nazca Lines

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Nazca Lines

When were the Nazca lines first time mentioned in the 16th century(1553) in the chronicles of Peru. And only after four centuries ( in 1927 ) the Peruvian archeologist found it while he was hiking. Each line is about 10-15 cm depth and from 47 to 270 m long.

What is that?Nazca Lines are the huge geogliphs (huge pictures on the Land). The are so huge that you can see them only from the air. It is one of the biggest misteries in the world. And no one knows for sure who've done it.

Who and why has done it?"The geometric ones could indicate the flow of water or be connected to rituals to summon water. The spiders, birds, and plants could be fertility symbols. Other possible explanations include irrigation schemes or giant astronomical calendars.

The Mysteries of Nazca Lines

Where and how bid they areYou even wouldn't believe us at first, but it's true. The Nazca Lines stretches for 80km (50mi) between two towns Nazca and Palpa. We knows that they were cteated between 500BC and 500AD. There are such pictures as: hummingbird, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, and lizards.


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