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Sofia Tarragona, Aitana Maeztu and Mar Chic

Tuesday:In the morning we were very excited because we were going to go canyoning. We woke up very early, and after breakfast, we climbed a mountain and descended through a river. It was amazing. In the afternoon we visited a museum. In the evening we watched a Barça match on TV, and it was so funny.

Wednesday:On Wednesday we went to Pamplona! Pamplona is such a beautiful city, and it has an interesting history. In the morning we have a guide, who leaded us trough the city, and after lunch, we had free time to discover the city.

Thursday:On Thursday we walked in the"Selva de Irati", which is an enormous, really beautiful forest. In the afternoon, we played the typical Basque games, and we had so much fun. In the evening, after having dinner, we had a little party.

Friday:On Friday we came back to Barcelona, but first, we had time to visit a self-efficient house, and it was interesting to see other ways of life. Afterwards we came back to Barcelona.

Monday:We left Barcelona at 8 am, and we arrived at the camping at 9 pm. We had been in the coach for 6 hours. We visited a Normand and Gothic monastery, a valley, and a wine cellar.


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