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Belle Boyd: She was a famous spy who has been arrested 3 times. Even then, she comunivated with the commander by stuffing messages into rubber balls and throwing them out her cell window, like most women spies, she romanced or drugged generals to gain valuable information. They called her Belle la Rebell

Rose O'Neel Greenhow:A confederate spy, Rose was once caught and arrested. They planned to torture her to learn information, but young Rose (her daughter) ruined that plan by running from the house and screaming, "Mother's been arrested!" ,any confer ate soldiers knew who she was and rescued Rose in time.

Sarah Emma Edmons:She became a famous woman soldier of the civil war. She took many forms of disguise.Sarah pretended to be a male laborer, a female cook, and a female peddler. She learnt much information that way.

Spies of the Civil War

Pauline Cushman:She began her career as a stage actress but then got fired. She violated orders and found out battle plans for troops. She narrowly avoided being hung twice, earning her the name "The spy of Cumberland". One of her most important spying missions was infltrating a toast, and succeeded, learning troop numbers, troop plans, and army positions.


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