Nature of Science

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Earth Sciences

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Nature of Science

Nature of Science

Seed Fertilizer Experiment

AGHS Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Blurry but excellent Free course from UCLA. 27 videos. Lesson 20 starts life forms.1. Units of Science 27 min2. Scientific Notation, How does water get to planets, Interior Layers of Earth 47 min.3. Layers of Earth, Convection of Mantle, Density of Rocks, Buoyancy, Isostacy, Ocean Features 46 min4. Ocean Features, Finding Depth with SONAR and Satellitte Radar, Plate Tectonics, Scientific Method, 5. Review, Seismology, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Anomalies, Scientific Method, Theory. 47 min.6. Review, Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries, Convection, Ocean Age, Arcs, Convergence. 47 min.

Free textbook from CK12.1. What is Earth Science?2. Studying Earth's Surface3. Earth's Minerals4. Rocks5. Earth's Energy6. Plate Tectonics7. Earthquakes8. Volcanoes9. Weathering and Formation of Soil10. Erosion and Deposition11. Evidence About Earth's Past12. Earth's History13. Earth's Fresh Water14. Earth's Oceans15. Earth's Atmosphere16. Weather17. Climate18. Ecosystems and Human Populations19. Human Actions and the Land20. Human Actions and Earth's Resources21. Human Actions and Earth's Waters22. Human Actions and the Atmosphere23. Observing and Exploring Space24. Earth, Moon, and Sun25. The Solar System26. Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Excellent presentations and simulations by NOAA and PhET

1992 video sequence teaching about the Earth's features, processes, and resources.


Earth Science

Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

With focus on Earth Space

Sci Method

Items with small dog--click on paperclip at bottom of page.