Nature of Moral Responsibility

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Nature of Moral Responsibility

The herdsman shows the major role of nature of moral responsibility. He has to choose whether to let the prophecy die, or to do the right thing and have good morals and let the baby live. Overall, the herdsman has great morals; he does not let Oedipus die.

The messenger lied right to Oedipus's and Jocasta's faces, he did it to save his own life. When the messenger saw that Oedipus was the new King, he lied and said that many people killed Leuis. Then he asked to be abe to be sent to another land. He lied because he did not have good morals.



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Oedipus leaving Corinth

Nature of moral responsibility

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When Oedipus Rex leaves Corinth after he finds out Apollo’s prophecy, he has good morals. He chooses not having a family and running away, rather than having to kill his mother, and end up, “sleeping with his mother.” He could have stayed at Corinth, but he thought that Polybus was his real father. He shows great morals and shows what a true hero would do.

I really liked the theme I choose; I thought the theme would be the easiest to make the glog with. The picture represent the main characters of each passage. The main picture I have represents the messenger trying to hang Oedipus from the tree. That is actually where he got his name, the name means swollen feet. The other pictures are greek messengers, herdsman, and one is Oedipus as a baby. Overall, almost everyone in the play had good morals. Even Oedipus had decent morals.


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