Nature of consciousness

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Nature of consciousness

Nature of Consciousness

stream of conciousness was a term created by William James - describes the mind as a continuous flow of changing sensations, images, & feelings.

-Consiousness is the awareness of external events and internal sensations-Includes awareness of self & thoughts about experiences-The content of our awareness changes from moment to moment - our minds race-We are aware of the main aspects of consciousness as well as the other thoughts and feelings that surround it-Developmental psychologists use the theory of mind to refer to individuals' understanding that others think, feel, percieve, and have private experiences-Theory of mind is crucial to social capacities - especially empathy & sympathy


S.O.C. for two minutes...

More infoThere are two aspects of conciousness: Arousal & AwarenessAwareness is the subjective state of being conscious of what is going on in the global brain workspace (parallel)Arousal is a physiological state determined by the teticular activating system, a network of structures including the brain stem, medulla, and thalamus.Arousal refers to the ways that awareness is regulated (danger causes high alert)

different levels of consciousnessrange from; higher - lower - altered states - subconsious - no awareness


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