Nature of Autism

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Nature of Autism

Students with ASD experience difficulties with communication and socialization. Therefore, finding ways to include these students within classroom discussions and activities to the greatest extent possible will provide them with greater access to academic standards and social norms. I learned a variety of instructional strategies to ensure students with ASD greater access. Paper bag interviews, nonverbal cues, checklists, and enrolling questions are a few strategies that I intend to implement within my classroom this year.

ASD Inspiration

Kierra Gambrell

Nature of Autism: Summer Semester 2014"What I learned"

Time Line


Importance of Familial Relationships

It is critical that I establish open, constant, and productive communication with my students’ families (Kluth, 2010). Notebook entries, phone and email conversations, as well as informal meetings can improve communication with families and create opportunities for sharing information and giving/getting support (Kluth, 2010). Establishing the best form of communication early on will help to involve families in school-based decision-making regarding and create an effective school-home partnership.

This week, I learned a great deal about the importance of communication and how it manifests in students with ASD. This phenomenal video introduced me to the process of language development and directed my studies.

Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh breaks down the autism diagnosis criteria in the new DSM-V. I learned a great deal regarding the criteria necessary to diagnose indivudals with ASD.

Week 3

Fostering an Inclusive Classroom for students with ASD

Week 4

Temple Gradin/Instructional Supports

Week 5

Week 6

Language & Communication

AT is “any device or service that helps a student with a disability to meet his or her individualized education program (IEP) goals and participate in the general education setting to the greatest possible extent”

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Sythesis: Reflection

This is a reflection of everything that I learned this semester. All of the listed items had a profound impact on my quest for knowledge, and these lessons will remain with me throughout my practice. I intend to use the evidence based/research supported strategies I learned to inform my instructional decisions and meet the needs of my students with ASD. Although, I was challenged by many of the assignments, I increased my professional knowledge tremendously. Prior to this course, I knew little about ASD and the growing prevalence of students with ASD. At present, I feel that I could enter any classroom well-prepared and knowledgeable on how to work with students with ASD. I look forward to pursuing the remaining courses to achieve my Autism Certificate.


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