Natural Gas

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Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a nonrenewable fossil fuel.

It is formed by buried layers of sediment that have turned into rock over years. The pressure combined with the heat of the earth and then changed into a mixture of petroleum and natural gas.

Natural Gases

The main ingredient in Natural Gas is methane, which is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. Companies usually add mercaptan, an odorant, so methane can be detected easier.

Background Information

Natural Gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel of the three-- natural gas, coal, and petroleum.

When burned, natural gas produces the least amount of sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen.

Natural Gas can produce electricity more efficiently than coal, and also has fewer emissions

Natural Gas plants are cleaner than coal plants and can be brought to lines quicker.

Natural Gas is the second largest producer of electricity in the US by 21%

Compared to Coal

As the demand for natural gas goes up due to its' advantages, the price also increases.

Natural Gas can be hard to find due to it usually being trapped in rocks deep underground.

Drawbacks to Natural Gas

"Natural Gas is twice as good, twice as efficient, twice as clean, even more so than coal, and say 50% cleaner than oil."-Jesse Ausubel, Program for the Human Environment, Rockefeller University

Could this energy source be a viable alternative to coal?

Benefits to Natural Gas

The use of Natural Gas produces jobs for nearly 3.4 million people in North America.

Natural Gas is often used because it is clean burning. Six in every ten homes use natural gas for heating.

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