Natural Family Planning

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Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

What is the Natural Family Planning Method?- A woman or couple becomes aware of her most fertile days and avoids sex on those days.- A woman with a 28-day cycle has a 6-day window to get pregnant.- Predicting the fertile phase can be difficult in women with varrying cycle lengths.


What is best for YOU?

Details:Cost = $0 to $27 per yearPregnancies: 2-10 couples per 100 get pregnantSide Effects: NONEBenefits: Cooperates well with many religious views and value systems that do not agree with physical barrier or hormonal contraception.Disadvantages: No protection from STD's


CycleBeadsString of beads that shows the woman the stages of her ovulation cycle and fertility cycle. The beads are considered to be 95% effective in preventing pregnancy and side effect free.


Other Methods:Mucus MethodSymptothermal Method


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