Natural Disasters

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Weather and Climate

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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Tornados form on land but hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons start out at sea and come into land. Did you kow there is such thing as fire tornados. fire tornados are usally 2-10 meters tall and usally last only a few minutes.

Lightning storms are very hot and they can create wild fires. lightning can heat the air 5 times hotter than the sun. most types of lightning never leave the clouds and hits the ground about 30 times over.

Floods kill on average 140 people woldwide every year. Floods are usally caused by rivers, dams,lakes and ponds overflowing or by having lots of rain over night or in the day. floods flood crops and drown animals. flood water is not nice to drink because floods fow out to sea they dont stay still like ponds, lakes and dams, so when they occur they wash the dirt, plastic and other objects into the water and stir it up and so the water sis not drinkable if you do drink it you'll get very sick. Droughts are caused when rain has not touched the ground in a very long time and this is a problem because this problem can dry out crops and kill alot of animals that die from thirst. Droughts kill people on average annually world wide also droughts can cause wild fires and that kills homes and alot of animals.Droughts usally occur in summer and you might find some camels if your in a hot region.

Avalanches usally occur on a steep hill or mountain. Avalanches kill 150 people on average yearly wordwide. most people who die from avalanches are skiers and snowboarders. Avalanches are usally caused or triggerd by a victum or vitums.

Hurricanes are tropical storms. Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are the same thing but in different areas the hurricane occurs in most parts of the ocean but in the cyclones happen in the northen indian ocean and in the western pacific ocean it is known as typhoons. Hurricanes can create landslides, floods and tornados. Hurricanes kill about 1,900,000 annually worldwide.

On average 10,000 people are killed by earthquakes annually worldwide. Earthquakes form tsunamis. Earthquakes dont usally happen in australia because we are in the middle odf a tectonic plate, 80% of the wolds earthquakes occur along the pacific ocean.How do we know if a tsunami is going to hit australia? well australia normally doent have bigger enough earthquakes I can tell you that but just incase you went on a holiday, all thhe water goes out to sea and then the wave hits the beach or cliff depending were you are. A tsunami is a train of waves thas why its called a wave train. In March 1964 a tsunami hit Alaska and killed about 120 people and did about 160,000,000 dollars od damage. The wave reached about 21 meters high.

Floods & Drought

Hurricanes & Cyclones & Typhoons



Avalanches & Landslides

Earthquakes & Tsunamis





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