natural disasters example

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natural disasters example

BODY:PLACE/LOCATION:Where is the region affected located? Describe it. What country, city and area did it happen in?REGION:Did the event happen in an urban, rural or wilderness region? How would you describe the region physically and culturally? What affect did it have on the land, vegetation, animals and people?MOVEMENT:Where, how and why did people move due to this event? Did anyone enter the area? If so, who were they and why did they go there? How was transportation, communication and/or shipping affected?ENVIRONMENT:What did the event do to the natural resources and environment?INTERACTION:How did this affect the way that people used the environment? How did this affect interactions between people or groups of people?

INTRODUCTION - Start with a "BANG". Remember to start broad. Give a description of a hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc. Then move on to your specific natural disaster. Answer the questions who, what, where, when and why. Reveal bits of information about what is to come in the body of your research. Leave them wanting to hear more.......

Keep it Neat and Professional Looking!


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Provide your sources of information. Look at your handout!

CONCLUSION: ANSWER THE QUESTION: What challenges did this event present to humans?


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