[2015] Tyeka Ferguson-O'Shea: Natural disasters

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Earth Sciences

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[2015] Tyeka Ferguson-O'Shea: Natural disasters

On the 27th Feburary 2009a bushife they call Black Saturday burnt over 4500 square Km of land.The fire killed countless animals and 173 humans survived,5000 injured.Also the fire destroyed 2029 houses were destroyed!



The Victorian Heatwave killed 438 people and it went on from Dec 1938 to Feb 1939.The heatwave also sparked the Black Friday bushfire!

VictorianHeat Wave!

Cyclone Tracys highest winds were 240Km per hour killing 71 people and could you imagine how deverstating that would be!The cyclone went for 5 day from the 21st 1974 to the 26th 1974.12,000 were left homeless after the cyclone.

Black SaturdayBushfire!


Black Saturday!


The Victorian Earthquake hit in Ocean Grove on the 1st of March 1922.Its magnitude was 5.7 and chimneys fell off roofs and objects were thrown of shelves!

It started on Janurary 1947 14 people dead and300 people were badly injured.56 homes were destroyed and it broke banks.The flood caused $68,000,000 to cover the damage!


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