Natural Disaster: Hurricane Irma

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Natural Disaster: Hurricane Irma

Hurricane IrmaBy: Jade & Angelika


Preventative Measures

Aftermath Impact

Hurricane Irma was the fifth most costly hurricane to happen in the mainland U.S., but the vehicle damage was about 5 billion dollars since about 200,000 to 400,000 vehicles were affected. Hurricane Irma affected more than 7 million people because of this organizations like The Red Cross, Oxfam, The Salvation Army, Portlight, and other relief organizations stepped in after and helped people struggling. Business rates decreased around the time of the storm. Sadly, 134 people died because of the wreckage of Hurricane Irma. Trees got knocked down, roofs ripped off, people had to drink dirty water from the hurricane, strong winds and intense rain lead to floods which could harm marine life. Due to the conditions of the hurricane coral reefs were destroyed and animals were endangered. Also an organization called World Vision sent semitrucks with helpful supplies.

When Hurricane Irma hit land it was on September 10th 2017. The first warning about the hurricane was from The National Hurricane Center a few days prior. To help lessen the impact of the hurricane people boarded up windows, did chores in advance (in case of evacuation), secured gutters and downspouts, and stocked up with plenty of food and clean water. Many people had to be prepared for power outages. Over 5.6 million people evacuated the area.

Hurricane Irma developed on August 30th (to September 13th.) This happened near Cape Verde Islands. It was caused due to a tropical wave which developed off the West African Coast (on August 27th) a few days before hitting land. High ocean temperatures and low pressures made the storm more intense. Rising sea level and surface ocean warming took part in the hurricane. Hurricane Irma reached an insane wind speed of 285 km/hr. Hurricane Irma was not caused by climate change. Hurricanes happen in the tropical parts of the world, during a certain amount of time. This is called Hurricane season. Hurricane Irma was also in the tropical areas: Florida, The Caribbean, The Bahamas, Cuba  (examples.)


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