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Military Represenatives

1949- Treaty signed by 12 nations, creating NATO1989- Fall of the Berlin Wall1995- 1st major engangement in Bosnia and Herzegovina2001- After 9-11, better approach to security.2003- NATO takes over ISAF2010- Adopts the 2010 Strategic Concept

NATO's Military Represenatives consist primarily of the Military Committee. The Military Committee then breaks down into Allied Command Operations, and Allied Command Transformation. Each member represents their nation. They help by exchanging information within nation alliances.


The NATO Delegations, break down into the Nulcear Planning Group, and the North Atlantic Council, furthermore, the subordinate committees. Each delegate represents his/her country's governement, and adding on to the conference process.


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The NATO, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was founded with the primary thought of joining powers freely with nations to higher and strengthen national security. The basis is to help each other out (the nations signed to the treaty). If one gets attacked or is in disaster, they are to receive refuge. The NATO also believes in ridding any use of nuclear weapons. The organization divides itself into two major working sides: NATO Delegations and Military Representatives.

Confernece Table at NATO Headquaters


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