Native Cultural Area

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Native Cultural Area

The lifestyle of the Aboriginal People was shaped by the environment. The climate, landscape, vegetation, and wildlife of the culture area they lived in had a great impact on their way of life. Working with a partner, you will research and create a digital poster for a Native Culture Area depicting this and present it to the class.A successful assignment will have:• Strong content that is valid and relates to your culture area• A variety of media, such as images, text, audio, and perhaps a video• An attractive and organized design and layout

NAtive Cultural Area

Eastern Woodlands

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1) Browse through the contents of "Canada's First Peoiples" website. http://firstpeoples of and choose a culture area.2. Using the description of the chosen culture in the website, complete a chart by listing the most characteristic features of the climate, landscape, vegetation, and wildlife of the culture area. You can also use handout activities provided in class as well as an encyclopaedia, books or the internet.3. Give 4 examples how the Aborigianal people from the culture area made use of their natural resources - animals, trees landscape etc. for food, clothing shelter, transportation, art, religion or ceremonies. 4. Give 4 weird, amazing, cool or wild facts about the culture area.

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