Native Canadian Seeking Identity. Is Confused.

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Native Canadian Seeking Identity. Is Confused.

Native Canadian Seeking Identity. Is confused.

Today in class we talked about valuing everyone's opinions and guesses when discussing museum objects. But when are guesses inappropriate in regards to cultural objects?Thinking about my views growing up, I know most Canadians are ignorant of many aspects of Aboriginal culture. Or, underlying racism may influence their knowledge or lack thereof. However, in my dealings with people around Aboriginal topics, I try to be open to their questions and thoughts, no matter how ignorant or plain wrong they might be. I understand that most people will be unsure and nervous about these subjects, and perhaps think some prejuduces are based in fact - I did! This is the legacy of colonialism in North America. I then hope I can answer their questions or open their minds to the truth and acceptance of all Aboriginal people. This led me to think that peoples' guesses or opinions wouldn't necessarily be inappropriate (although they may be wrong) in regards to museum objects, since they are just guesses/opinions! However, if people still remain stubborn with their opinions and guesses which are racist, prejudiced, or cruel after being corrected - that is inappropriate. If an educator, another visitor, labels, etc. are clearly presenting an arguement why it is wrong and inappropriate, it is incredible rude and simply wrong to not even acknowledge that there are other ways of living, thinking, speaking and praying that are just as acceptable as your own.

Should I be mad about this template? I suppose Indian is still a term used in the U.S... and many Indigenous people still refer to themselves as Indians. Would I be mad about a French template? No. But are these images okay to have on a template? Tobacco pipes and headdresses are incredibly sacred objects...

Oh, the irony...When I saw the glogster template titled Indian, I knew I had to use it. With a title like that, how could you not?A little background: I grew up knowing I was French, Polish, and Ukranian. At some point in high school I (re)discovered I was Métis. Through my own research, I believe I also have Cree, Dene, and Mohawk ancestors. I am somewhat mid-journey in my comfort about these issues. I am insanely proud, but still unsure of myself and the issues, such as what is appropriate vs. what is appropriation...

How does/will my unsureness affect my museum education?When discussing these issues, I get an adrenaline rush and my heart starts beating faster, because I know how imperative it is to change the average Canadian's view of Indigenous people. These issues have become so close to home, close to my heart, that they have consumed my life recently. I pursue more knowledge and involvement wherever I go...

Métis Sash

Just learning to pow wow, don't mind me! I think I'll try fancy shawl!

Bison vs. Coon vs. Beaver Hat.FIGHT!

Dene panel (what is a panel?)

Cree mocassins

The first pair of mocassins my sister made, which she gifted to me. If I bead 'em up you could label them and put them right beside the mocassins to the left.

Cree headdress. I'm pretty sure a bison headdress is the coolest one I've seen. Pride.

Hipster Headdress(=disgusting)

Cree mocassins? Métis mocassins? Canadian mocassins?


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