Native Australians

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Native Australians

Native Australias(Aboriginals)

BeliefsThe way Aboriginals past their beliefs onto the kids is by telling them Dreamtime stories. Dreamtime stories are about the animals, land and weather of Australia. I was reading a Dreamtime story on the weekend and it was telling people about how the echidna got its spikes.

CultureDances, songs and hunting is a very important part of the Aboriginals culture. Hnting is a very important part of their culture.

FactsWhen the first English came to Australia ( New Holland) the Aboriginals were treated very badly the English told the Aboriginals that if they were to carry on with there culture they children would die. The children started dying because of the English and the sicknessess they brought to Australia.

Hunting and foodThe men and women hunt and if they don't there's no food. Men are the ones that mainly hunt. The food they eat is anything native to possum, kangaroo and bilbies.

Problems for Aboriginal People Today are:The Government not putting hospitals and fresh water in the middle of Austrlia were most of the population of aboriginals are.People not excepting that the Aboriginal people were here in Australia before us.Aboriginal people not getting jobs, so then they end up poor and start stealing other peoples belongings, they end up in jail and before you know it Aboriginal people end up angry because white people weren't giving jobs to them.

Aboriginals live in Australia

Aboriginal Flag


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