Native Americans

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Native Americans

The Apache tribe lived in desert areas of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma.All the people of the Apache tribe lived in one of three houses. If you lived in the plains a teepee is the type of houe you would live in. The econd house is the hogan,an earthen structure that was perfect for kepping cool in the hot desert of New Mexico. The final type of house is the wickiup. It is a frame of wood held together with yucca fibers and covered in brush. Wickiups are usally found in the hghland. If a family dies in a wickiup that wickiup is burned.

The Native American Tribes of the Southwest.

The Apache tribe's men and women from my culture wore different types of clothes. Men wore breechcloth in the summer and a warmer outfit of deerskin in the winter.On the other hand women wear long skirts with a blouse. The sleeves go up to there elbows to make it easier for working.Most skirts have a line on the bottom of them and a matching pattern on the top.Women wear a lot of jewelry made with with metal and woven leather. They also cover there long hair in oil to make it extra shiny.


The people of the Pueblo tribe lived in adobe houses called pueblos. They were multi-story square houses made withe adobe( clay and straw melted into hard bricks )and stone. The people of the Pueblo tribe lived in NeW Mexico and Arizona.



The Pueblo men didn't wear much,only breechcloths or short kilts. They also wore Women wore cotton mantas with only one strap on there right shoulder. Both wore macconsins made out of deer skin.

The Navajo lived in Arizona, New Mexico,Utah, and a small part of Colorado. They lived in houses called a hogan. Hogans are made by tricking a few poles up and covering the surface with branches, leaves, and mud.

Did the Navajos wear feather headdresses and face paint? Originally, Navajo men wore breechcloths and the women wore skirts made of woven yucca fiber. Shirts were not necessary in Navajo culture, but both men and women wore deerskin ponchos or cloaks of rabbit fur in cool weather, and moccasins on their feet.



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