Native Americans

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Native Americans

Native AmericansSS4H1 The student will describe how early Native American cultures developed in North America.a. Locate where Native Americans settled with emphasis on the Arctic (Inuit), Northwest (Kwakiutl), Plateau (Nez Perce), Southwest (Hopi), Plains (Pawnee), and Southeast (Seminole).b. Describe how Native Americans used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

View the Video"And Still the Turtle Watched" Written by Sheila MacGill-CallahanPictures by Barry MoserRead By Michael AnsaraCredits: Reading Rainbow

The Hopi:Lived in the low, flat desert and high plateaus of the dry SouthwestGrew beans, squash, and maize (corn )Built large “pueblo” homes with many rooms Were the first in the world to fire clay pottery

The Nez Perce:Lived in the plateaus and the valleys of what is now known as north central Idaho, Montana, northeastern Oregon, and southeastern Washington, an area of about seventeen million acres. Traveled and fished along their many rivers every season.Migrated to hunt and gather during summer and fall:

The Inuit:Lived in the extreme arctic climate of Northwest Canada.Traveled and fished along the ocean and seashore every season. Built “igloo” homes out of ice and snow.Wore thick clothing made from caribou (reindeer) and seal hides.

The Pawnee:Grew corn, squash, and beans half of the year. Hunted buffalo during the other half of the year.Built permanent lodges using bark, earth, and grass. :

The Seminoles:Lived in what is now know as Florida.Wore light clothing made of grass and thin cloth.Built roundhouses made of wooden poles covered with clay and bark, sometimes without walls.

The Kwakiutl:Lived near the Pacific coast.Built large homes from cedar trees.Caught a surplus of salmon, which they dried and ate year-round.


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