Native Americans

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Native Americans

Native Americans

Sitting Bull (1831-1890) lived in South Dakota. He was a Lakota chief. At the Battle of Little Bighorn he refused to be pushed off his tribes land by General Custer. He died by getting shot by a Lakota policeman.

Trail of Tears (1838-1839). As a continuation of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Andrew Jackson called for the Cherokees to be removed from anywhere east of the Mississippi to reservations in Oklahoma. The forced march caused extreme cases of hunger, disease and exhaustion killing over 4,000 Indians.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES Some of these challenges are still being faced at this moment. They overcame some amounts of abuse as new laws against it have come up and protected the rights of all women, but many still go unreported. As for them being isolated to the reservations that has changed. If they want to leave they can become mainstreamed with the rest of the country but many choose to stay with their families and lifestyles. In Washington specifically the discrimination has lessened and the Native American culture is embraced through celebrations and traditions and simply giving them recognition.

Challenges1 – Since early American colonists came to this country they have discriminated against Native Americans and pushed them off of their land towards the west, until the land ran out. After they couldn’t displace them any further, the whites put them on reservations. It limits their rights and where they are allowed to live and making them uproot their homeland and the place of their ancestors just because the white people want the land. 2 – Native American women have had to deal with great amounts of physical and sexual abuse from white men since the first colonies came here. 3 – Being isolated on these reservations and being discriminated against has caused Native Americans to be the race with the highest suicide rate and force one-quarter of the children into living in poverty. Also, sexual and domestic abuse is very common, and the rate of alcohol and substance abuse is significantly higher than the national average.

"We Are Still Here"

Chief Seattle (1780-1886)Duwamish tribe leader


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