Native Americans

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Native Americans




Kwakiutlshelter-Kwakiutl Indians lived in rectangle cedar-plank houses that can hold up to 50 people and stretch up to were fishing people.They caught fish and sea mammals.Men hunted deer,birds,and small game.Women collected clams shellfish,seaweed,berries,and rootsclothing-Men wore breechcloths and hardly anything else.Women wore cedar bark and deerskin shirts.When it was cold both genders wore knee length tunics and cloaks made out of cedar barkThe EndNorth-West

Seminoleshelter-Seminole indians lived in Chickees made of wood and plaster and the roofs were made of palmetto fiber.After a while they started to build their houses on 2 to 3 inch poles to be protected from floods and swamp indians were farming people.thry grew corn,beans,and squash.Men hunted deer,turkeys,rabbits,turtles,and wore breechcloths and nothing else.Women wore wrap around skirts made from palmetto and deer skin shirts.In cold weather both men and women wore poncho like mantles.Men usually shave their head exept one strip.Women put their hair in a bun.Both men and women wore cultral tatoos.The EndSouth-East

Native Americans

Hopishelter-Hopi indians lived in adobe houses made of clay,straw,and indians were expert farmers.They grew corn,beans,squash and cotton.They als raised turkeys for men wore either breechcloths or kilts.Women wore knee-length cotton dresses.Hopis werent feather people instead of feather hats they wore headbandsThe EndSouth-West


Inuitshelter-Inuit indians lived in snow houses called igloos.Sometimes they lived in sod houses made out of whale bones to make a dome Indians ate mostly meat because no other animals can live in the arctic.The animals they ate were,fish,whales,walruses,and Indians wore boots and clothing made out of animals skin and fur.They also wore a large thick coat called a parka outside their clothes.The EndArctic

Pawneeshelter-Pawnee lived in round lodges.When they traveled they set up camp in teepees made of Buffalo women picked corn,beans,squash,and sunflowers.Men hunted Buffalo,antolope,and small women wore deer skin skirts and poncho-like blouses.Men wore breechcloths and when it was cold they wore leather leggings and buckskin shirtsThe Endplains

Nez Perceshelter-Nez Perce Indians lived in earth houses made by digging a hole underground then building a wood frame to go on top.Then they put Earth,cedar bark,and tule mats.When they started following buffalo they used Perce Indians were fishing and hunting people.They caught Salmon and other types of fish.They hunted derr,elk,and other small game.Women also gathered fruits,nuts,roots,and seeds.Once they had horses they hunted buffalo herds.Clothing-Nez Perce women wore long deerskin dresses usually they were fringed and decorated with beads,shells,and painted designs.Men wore breechcloths and leather leggings with buckskin shirts.The EndPlateau


Nez Perce

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