Native Americans

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Social Studies

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Native Americans

Native AmericansBy: CasSandra Hall

Where they liveThey lived in the Southwestern section of the United States.

ShelterThe Native American tribes lived in a shelter called a longhouse.

ClimateThey lived in a climate that was hot in the summer, warm in the spring, cool in the fall, and cold in the winter

Clothing Materials They used deer skins for clothing. Men wore kilt-like skirts almost to their knees. Women wore long skirts that reached up to their ankles.

FoodThey ate corn, squash, beans, tobacco, sunflowers, wild nuts, fruits, pumpkins, fish, berries. They hunted deer, rabbits, bears, beavers, spuirrels, wild turkeys and passenger pigeons.

Mode of TransportationThey traveld in canoes, sleds, and snowshoes.

CultureThey believed in a spirit called the Great Spirit. They think that the Great Spirit created all living things. They held festivals. One of them was the ''Stirring Of The Ashes'' it is a symbolic gesture of showing gratitude for all the blessings bestowed during the previous year.



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