Native Americans

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Native Americans

History of the Native Americans

The tribes were set up when they were living inthe land that is now Connecicut. The most important new idea forthe Algonquin Indians was farming. They still hunted and gathered food to eat. They no longer had to travel alot for food but they had to travel alot sometimes. Some tribes all had parts, like keeping the fire going collecting berries, making jewlery, and going hunting.

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Summer HomesDuring the summer monthsthe Native Americans lived in villages. They planted crops. After the harvest theymoved to the woods to hunt.Winter Homes In the winter they moved to larger villages in a warmer vally. They needed a place with lots of fire wood.

The Native Americans ate all sorts of different types of food. Over the time the farming was the most important of getting food like growing pumkins, squash, corn, and fruit. They would also go down to the rivers and would catch fish by stabbing it with a stick carved with a sharp point. Also they would hunt deer, turkeys, chickens, bears, and other meat.

Hunting was the best during the Fall and Winter the reason why is because the leaves were gone,so the animals couldn't hide as well. It was also easier to track the animals foot prints in the snow. They usually hunted fish, bears, deer and other animals. Some women gathered berries ,corn ,pumkins, squash and other fruits and vegtables.The hunters never wasted a single peice of animals.

The Native Americans woreshirts and skirts made from animals skin. Inthe winter they wore leggings and capes. Made of skin and feathers. Materials they used, animal skin, bird feathers, beads smashed using shells. They used bear greace, straw, rope. They decorated their outfits with porcupine quills and sea shells.

Arts and crafts, the Native Americans made necklaces and bracelets sometimes they wove many strands into a belt. They also made patterns, pictures and symbols. On the belt showed important stories. The Native Americans made beautiful wampum.The women made beads from tiny shells they strung the beads together to make designs.

Celebrations, each year the tribes honor corn on the green corn ceromony. For celebrations tribes would play games children played with dolls in the outfits of their tribes. Also the tribes would give thanks to the great spirit. There were dice games and guessing games and one of the popular games was lacrosse. There can be up to 200 men on each side. Most Algonquin people belived in a great spirt . If the people lived a good life, they would go to the great spirit

Interestin facts, each tribe had a medicine man. He used herbs and plants to cure the sick or wounded. Sometimes tribes fought with other tribes over boundries or hunting grounds. Also 2 or 3 tribes would join together to fight an enemy. Warb was a test of skill and courage that every warrior had to take.


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