Native Americans

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Native Americans

The bonnet had to be earned through brave deeds in battle because the feathers signified the deeds themselves. Some warriors might have obtained only two or three honor feathers in their whole lifetime, so difficult were they to earn. The bonnet was also a mark of highest respect because it could never be worn without the consent of the leaders of the tribe. A high honor, for example, was received by the warrior who was the first to touch an enemy fallen in battle, for this meant the warrior was at the very front of fighting. Feathers were notched and decorated to designate an event and told individual stories such as killing, capturing an enemy's weapon and shield, and whether the deed had been done on horseback or foot.

The home of the Massachusetts, Narragansett and Wampanoag people was called wetu. An historic Ojibwe birchbark-covered lodge is called wiigwaasigamig. A Cheyenne called his tipi a xamaa-vee'e (ordinary dwelling). A Blackfoot called his tipi a moyis. An Arapaho called his tipi a niiinón or 'ouuyokóy. A Lakota Sioux called his tipi a ti ikcheyaA Crow called his tipi an ashi. A Navajo called his home a hooghan. Each tribal group had its own name for their particular type of dwelling - and there are very many different types.

Red Indians are now known as Native American or American Indians. The origin of the term "Red Man" is not clear. Native Americans are known to have a copperish or brownish hue although some Native Americans can get sunburn and turn redish. Many tribes did paint themselves for war and red may have been the most popular color to indicate tribes intention for combat. Other sources say red refered to the bloody scalps of victims..........................................................................................................................

The history of Red Indians

Archaeologists suggest that people arrived in several groups or tribes to America, from at least 15,000 years ago. The first Americans came from Asia and followed herds of grazing animals across a land bridge formed during the Ice Age.The earliest inhabitants of America were hunters who migrated from the Asian mainland across the Bering Straits land bridge between 40,000 and 25,000 B.C.E. They adapted quickly to their environment. Their population in Central America and in the high valleys of the Andes alone had grown to approximately 45 million by 1492, the year Christopher Columbus arrived in America.

A red indian wearing a War- bonnet

A Typical red indian


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