Native Americans And Colonization

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Native Americans And Colonization

Native Americans and Colonization

Main Native Groups Encountered During Colonization of the American ColoniesIriqouisPowhatanCherokee

During the colonization of the Americas, there were native groups already here, that the Europeans enountered. Sometimes the encounters were peaceful, but often times they turned to violence. And unfourtunatley these encounters lead to the displacement of the Natives and eventually the loss of their cultures.

The Columbian Exchange is in reference to the goods and diseases that were exchanged between the Americas and Europe.

Many encounters with Natives were friendly

Yet throughout Colonization Violence was inevitable and took place on a regular basis.

Europeans enjoyed some major technological advances over the Natives. Including: steel, firearms, and horses. These advantages played a role in the success of the Europeans over Natives who did not have steel, or other advanced weaponry


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