Native Americans

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American History

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Native Americans

AnasaziThe Anasazi were a great tribe. They shared a way of doing things with other tribes. The Anasazi had a Demoratic Goverment like us,very orginized! There tribe was very innovative and wanted to build. They usually live in cliff houses for less than 100 years. Then they abandon those houses.

Native Americans

HohokamThe Hohokam were somtimes from Mexico and farmered the deserts of Arizona.They grew corn, squash, beans, tabbaco, and cotton. The Hohokam traded a lot. They cut down trees which were very important. The kids played a game which i a version of basketball and soccer combined.

MollogonThe Mollogon tribe lived in Arizona and New Mexico in small villages. They were the descendents of farmers had started the earliest farming traditions. The Mollogon tribe grew corn, beans, squash, and tabacco and stored the exta food in storage pits. Also the Mollogon tribe made beautiful black and white pottery.


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