Native American (Learning Styles), American History

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Native American (Learning Styles), American History

Teachers should remember that Native Americans tend to have a Conflict Style different from European Americans and also from African Americans.Native Americans tend to have an Accomodation Style where they are Indirect and emotionally restrained.Myths and sterotypes and Native Americans:Myth 1. Navtive Americans prefer to be called Navtive Americans.Myth 2. American Indians are a dying race.Myth 3. American Indians feel honored by Indian mascots.Myth 4. American Indians are easily identifiable.

Native Americans

Learning Styles

This video shows the imporantance of holistic learning and group activities.

1) Prefers to work in groups so singling students out is typically not effective..2)School Environment must feel safe. 3)Approach situations holistically as opposed to analytically.4.) Tend to prefer be shown things visually as opposed to verbal lectures.

By Chelsea W,Marcus B, Andrias B, and Megan T


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