Native American Weaving

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Native American Weaving



Navajo HistoryThe Navajo came to live in the Southwest later than all the other Indians. Long ago, the ancestors lived in Northwestern Canada and Alaska. Over 1,000 years ago they began to travel south and reached the southwestern United States. When they first arrived, they were nomads (Nomads means they traveled around to find food, hunted and gathered.). They met farmers who are known as Pueblo Indians, and the Navajo began to settle near them and learn from them. The original territory the Navajo lived in is now northern Arizona and New Mexico, they also lived in part of southern Colorado and Utah. They came to the Southwest United States sometime before 1400 A.D. The pueblos taught the Navajo how to plant corn, beans, squash, and melons. They also learned weaving, sand painting, pottery, and basket weaving.

The Navajo got sheep and goats from the Spanish. They raised them to become herds, kept their milk, wool, and meat. They also got horses around this time. (mid 1600’s).They used the wool from the sheep to make their weavings. They dyed the wool to make patterns and designs on their weavings. The Navajo used natural dyes that came from plants, food things, earth and other natural sources.The Navajo lived in shelters called hogans. Hogans were made from wooden poles, tree bark, and mud. The doorway opened to the east so they could welcome the sun.Now, the Navajos are the largest Native American tribe in the United States. They still make beautiful woven blankets and silver jewelry.

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