Native American tribes

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Native American tribes

Hannah Gaver Native American Tribes

IroquoisResidents of the northeastern woodlands areaLived in villages of longhouses

Blackfoot Residents of the northern PlainsLived in buffalo-hide houses called tipis

CherokeeResidents of the American southeast region. Lived in settled villages, usually located near a river

PuebloNatives of the Southwest desserts Lived in adobe houses(clay and straw baked into hard bricks)

Who were the Blackfoot tribe?

Who were the Pueblos?

Who were the Iroquois?

The Cherokees???

TIhis diagram is a few Native American Tribes that we will be learning about during the school year. This pictures should give you a good idea about what they looked like and in this video you will be able to see and hear a little backgroun information about them.


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