Native American Tribe

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Native American Tribe

TRADE:They used clamshells beads as money when they have extra food invite others to come to the feast. they sell salt, bows arroheads, skins, and food

CLOTHES:they used tule reeds or bark from redwood, only wealthy people wore deerskin, used blankets in winter from rabbit, puma; they normaly were barefooted, both men and women wore ornaments from wood bone, feathers, shells, stone

LOCATION:There are seven Pomo groups, the Valley of the Russian River is the heart of the land which extended across the Coast Range mountains to the ocean west , and to Clear Lake on the east; now a days known as Mendocino, Sonoma,' Lake counties.

California's Native Americans Tribes Project:POMO TRIBE

DWELLINGS:Their homes are Tepee and they are all held by string and it is all straw and it is pretty cool and they also make wood, drit, and caves and hills and they love the way they live and they are and they like it and love it the mom’s and dad’s and children all help the home to be built and everyone live in their homes to live in their world.

TOOLS:They used nets, clubs, spears, cling, and clay balls, obsidian or bone knives, the baskets

FOOD:By wearing the skins of the animals they killed. For example: They can easily fool a deer by wearing deer skins and a deer head they hunt elk,deer,and smaller animals in the forest and antelope,rabbits,squirrels and some birds The tribe eats fish, shellfish, seaweedThe men do all thehunting and the women do to cooking and the kids play



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